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    • Yaweewee Aguirre

      Done by Wendi Koontz at Rising Dragon Tattoos NYC. This was my first tattoo and she did an incredible job walking me through the process. I found the quote in a poem by J.R.R Tolkien about a year ago, and it has been stuck in my head ever since. Sometimes I stray away from the normal, I’m not afraid to be myself, I make my own decisions, and most importantly - I never forget to enjoy life.  ”Not all those who wander are lost.”

    • Emma Horner

      ”Not all those who wander are lost.” - Quote Tattoo

    • BeccaNixon

      love this quote as a tattoo

    • Jenn Marshall

      hot tattoo on a hot guy

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    Owner's story: “These are my first tattoos and they mean so much to me! It’s kind of an awkward angle, but wrist tattoos have to be the hardest to take a picture of! ha. On my left wrist is a puzzle piece, which is the symbol for Autism. On my right wrist is the signature of my 20 year old sister, Caitlin, in her handwriting. She’s severely Autistic and she has been such an Inspiration in my life. If she can’t talk, can’t take care of herself on her own and can’t live a normal life like everyone else, but she has to be one of the happiest people I know. If she can be that happy with so little, then I sure as hell can be happy because I am so much more privileged than her just for being able to talk! It’s just a constant reminder that things could be worse.”

    I got this as a reminder to myself. These words have given me hope when I did lose everything and was at the lowest point in my life. Though I’m still trying to find myself, but I know there will always be light at the end of tunnel. My first tattoo done by the amazing Vassi at Cactuz Tattoo, Denmark

    "A friend of mine needed skin to practice on for her internship at a tattoo shop in the city, she did an amazing job. This was her 6th tattoo and it is incredibly detailed and clean. I could not be happier. Quote is from The Lord of the Rings written by JRR Tolkien. Done at Doc Yager Tattoo Co by Colleen Kaster in Rochester, ny." fuckyeahtattoos.t...

    “not all who wander are lost” - JRR Tolkien.

    Simple Arm Bands | The 34 Kinds Of Tattoos That Look Insanely Hot On Guys. Think arm bands are so hot no matter for guys or girls!

    from source: This is my first tattoo I just got done by Josh at Lucky Rabbit in Muncie, Indiana. It’s an elephant that is made up of the names of the people in my family. Brian, my dad, is on the foot because he’s always been there to support me. Kim, my mom, is on the ear because she always listens to me. Bria, my sister, is on the back because I know I can always rely on her for anything. Kailey, my deceased sister, is on the trunk because she is guarding me in the right direction.

    "I am, no matter what anyone else tells me, good enough, smart enough, pretty enough, thin enough."

    Story: This is my first tattoo, I got it because both of my parents are deaf and they’re my heroes. It means “I really love you” in American Sign Language. #tattoo #signlanguage

    tale of the tat; This is my second and most meaningful tattoo. I got it done at Rising Dragon Tattoos in Manhattan, NY. It’s a compass with the initials of my parents and my sisters. The middle is a heart that connects all of them to me. I don’t know how I came up with that idea, but I wanna believe that if there is an afterlife, I can use that compass to guide me to them if we’re separated. It’s a really personal and poetic tattoo, and I love it.

    This one too. From "Eating Me Alive" Alkaline Trio

    This is my third tattoo, and I’m already in love with it. My parents used to read me Shel Silverstein poems when I was little and I still read his books today. This particular poem, which is from the newest compilation With Everything On Top, really makes me think of my dad. He passed away last fall and most of the inspiration for my tattoos comes from him. This was done by Matt Bushart at Enchanted Dragon Tattoo Parlor in Sierra Vista, AZ.