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For The Survival Pantry - Lost Arts Kitchen - Rendering Fats at Home Primer, Lesson One

Dehydrating Fruit How-to

Dehydrating frozen veg I do this alll the time , hit a GREAT sale an dry it all! *Might be worth a try.

Canning website, lots of recipes

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Beginners guide to dehydrating foods.

Pantry Storage - Dehydrated & Dried Goods - Organization - glass mason jars - food - emergency - cooking

DIY instant broth with the vegetables of your personal taste. e.g. carrots, leek, onions (with skin, gives an extra spicy touch), garlic, celery root, parsley and parsley root, nutmeg, lovage, pepper, a bit of chili and lots of sea salt. Clean the vegetables, shred/grind them and put them on a baking sheet on parchment paper. Let it all dry for 12-14 hours on 80°C in the oven, let the oven door a bit open. Then mix it, if you like. Store in jars, it has a shelf life of quite a few mont...

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List of dry and canned goods for your well-stocked pantry or cupboards:

Dehydrating veggies and fruits

Common Kitchen Measurements Cheat Sheet. Make a magnetic chart for a Christmas present.

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Canned Baked Goods - Vacuum sealed cookies, brownies and cakes in a jar, good for months! | saynotsweetanne.com | #diy #cookies #canning

How to make dehydrated fruit

Dehydrating Foods. (Purchase sale items in bulk and dehydrate for storage! Grocery prices aren't going to go down; it's an investment!)

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What You Can & Can't Freeze - Absolutely Great Info!

Home-canned soups