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DIY instant broth with the vegetables of your personal taste. e.g. carrots, leek, onions (with skin, gives an extra spicy touch), garlic, celery root, parsley and parsley root, nutmeg, lovage, pepper, a bit of chili and lots of sea salt. Clean the vegetables, shred/grind them and put them on a baking sheet on parchment paper. Let it all dry for 12-14 hours on 80°C in the oven, let the oven door a bit open. Then mix it, if you like. Store in jars, it has a shelf life of quite a few mont...

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Common Kitchen Measurements Cheat Sheet. Make a magnetic chart for a Christmas present.

Summer produce is overflowing--and cheap! Whether you grow it or buy it, it's easy to preserve your food so that you can save money and eat better long after the harvest is over. via @SparkPeople

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Great tips for freezing your fresh garden produce. Flash freeze raspberries, blackberries, and strawberries to keep them from sticking together, store fresh spinach without blanching, and more helpful tricks. Keep everything fresh in Ziploc® bags and containers.

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