• Jacy Resendez

    I really love Poohisms :-)

  • Melissa Malott

    love conquers all. Oh Winnie the pooh!

  • Megan Lowery

    I need to remember this quote every time I go to work and leave my baby boy!

  • Abigail Dean

    As hard as it was to say goodbye to my brother as he left to start college, this quote is so true and it almost made me smile through the tears from goodbye...

  • Rachael Koczan

    :') I think this is my favorite quote of all time. This has been the biggest mountain to overcome in my life but I now have a new perspective. Thanks Pooh Bear :)

  • smile :)

    #quote How lucky I am to have something that makes saying goodbye so hard - Winnie the Pooh

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