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  • carlos tem

    funny pics gallery 1 cool news !!!

  • Misty Wundrow

    It's not good when the sketch you are discussing on TV looks like the news anchor. (Laughing myself to tears.)

  • Bill Murphy

    funny police pictures | If you see this man, call the police! - Very funny picture!

  • Rebecca Hill

    That awkward moment when your news anchor became the news.

  • Venus Corlew-Bubeck

    Have you seen this man? Poor Marc Brown from KABC news channel 7 to have the sketch of a rapist that he is reporting about look exactly like him even down to the same expression.

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hahahahahahhahahahahah how awkward


omg. i can't even believe how bad she looks now... she used to be so pretty!

Hm. This is kinda sad, actually. We jumped all over men for objectifying women in the 50s and then turned around and did the same thing, except that now we put even less clothes on them, and plaster their bodies on national television.

haha! That is mean! But he does need to do something about that!

Omg he looks retarded....big body and little tiny head lol. How r the roids working for ya dumbass?

It's the same guy as on the poster behind him, and his shirt says "Jesus Saves"... well, this is just awkward.

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