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Mr. @AptTherapy's East Hampton Home via @nytimes today! Eric Striffler for The New York Times

Yurts are round dwellings that Mongolian and Turkic nomads devised thousands of years ago on the Central Asian steppes. Fans say that many aspects of these efficient and resilient structures have a lot of appeal today (slideshow)

Definitely need one of these - mountain getaway. Yurts are cool.

three-story, 1,600-square-foot house that sits on a quiet alley in the 14th arrondissement of Paris

Inside the one-room house, the reclaimed-redwood platform bed hangs on slender steel rods fastened to the ceiling. The ceiling cap is a vent--the house's thermostat.

Pacific Yurts - Cottage Grove, Oregon

Thinking the ceilings need to be paneled, so the dark wood furniture is accented on a light wall? What do y'all think? HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I can't decide!

how yurts work... well they forgot the whole foundation part betwen the floor and the concrete support that takes up a at least 90% of the building process.

maybe a different wall color and different counter tops