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    Bakelite Pumpkin Pin RARE Book Piece | eBay

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    RARE hand carved and painted Bakelite and wood Pumpkin head Scarecrow with googly eyes brooch pin. The pumpkin head is Bakelite, the body is wood, and real straw at his sleeves and feet. Measures 4-3/4" tall! Sold for $8K on eBay Oct 2, 2013.

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* Bakelite Figural Two-Tone Dice Bracelet

RARE 1940s Bakelite Brass Lily Fayol French Movie Star Bracelet in Orig Box - box is hand signed inside and has photo of the actress as shown.

RARE Vintage 1930s Carved Apple Juice and Orange Bakelite Alligator Hinged Bangle Bracelet

RARE Vintage 1930s 40s Resin Wash Carved Bakelite Lucite Flower Brooch Pin

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1920S 30S, Dresses Clip, Celluloid Figures, Plastic, Green Apples, Handmade Celluloid, Figures Green, 30S Handmade, Branches Dresses

vintage 1930s Bakelite 'hat' brooch with applied celluloid 'feather' - measures 2" by 2-1/2"

Rare and wonderful 1930's Carved 2 Color Bakelite 'Sunrise' Brooch for sale by one of the better dealers on eBay.

vintage 1930s carved cream Bakelite Heraldic Lion design brooch pin with painted black decoration and applied brass dots and rings and fabric cord - measures 2-1/2" by 2-1/2" - auction starting at $400 on eBay

super cute multicolor Bakelite figural 'bellboy' brooch pin - measures 4" tall.

super rare Bakelite asparagus spears brooch pin

Vintage Bakelite Josephine Baker Brooch/Pin. Her face has enamel painted eyes and mouth, with a stylized painted hairdo. She is wearing a skirt with yellow painted bananas, and a silver tone metal bra. There is a painted cigarette between her fingers.

hand painted metal and galalith 'black' musician pins - the seller claims these are of French origin made there for Coro in the USA (and of course connected to Josephine Baker), but they are unmarked, so it appears that these claims are guess-work...

Hands Carvings, Plastic, Figures Sculpture, Vintage, Chinese Woman, Carvings Bakelit, China Chinese, 1930S Hands, Bakelit China

Pairings Rare, Carvings Bakelite, Hands Carvings, Vintage, Courtesan Sculpture, 40S Hands, Chinese Courtesan, Bakelite Chinese, 1930S 40S

Superb Vintage 1930s Wide Heavily Carved Marbled Bakelite Floral Design Necklace - click thru for details...

Vintage 1930s Art Deco Geometric 2 Color Bakelite Tank Track Link Bracelet - click thru for details...

Huge Vintage 1930s Hand Carved Painted Bakelite Swordfish Design Brooch Pin - click thru for details...

here's a very rare carved and painted Bakelite Totem Pole brooch pin - measures 3-3/4" by 1" - this is an original so study closely because there are many fakes out there of this design but most I've seen are pretty obvious especially if you've seen the genuine original here.

whimsical Bakelite clown dress clip - measures 2-1/4" by 1-1/2 - sold for $282 on eBay on July 6, 2014.

super rare patriotic Bakelite Fighter Plane design pin with spinning propellor - measures 3-1/2"

Vintage 1930s Czech Art Deco Machine Age Silvertone Galalith Belt Buckle