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(DIVERGENT MOVIE) I'm ok with the cast but may I say that will had blonde hair ._. Is it so hard to dye your hair or wear a wig?

Four <4 I still can't believe Veronica Roth decided to leave Uriah out of the first movie to make a big entrance in the Insurgent movie!

stiff :) in the middle of the divergent book i forgot what abnegations actual name is i just called it stiff since no dauntless ever used the word abnegation

My problem isn't that my favorite characters aren't real, it's that I'm not fictional. I don't want them to be real, what I desperately wish is that I could be fictional with them. I don't want them here with me in this mundane and ordinary world. It's that I want to join them in their extraordinary one. (This is the truest thing)

Divergent ♥ Peace is restrained; this is free ♥

Divergent Movie. I hope they keep it as near to the book as possible! I'm so excited to see the movie!

A message from Veronica Roth! (Via Divergent FB Page) ~Divergent~ ~Insurgent~ ~Allegiant~

Divergent Cast. Oh my goodness, look at Eric!! He's terrifying!

You should get this in the film so you know who's who compared to the book!!

~Divergent~ ~Insurgent~ ~Allegiant~ this broke my heart but was so beautiful

Funny because it says Theo James is divergent Tobias eaton when he actually isn't divergent