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Wyandottes - They are a fantastic layer, child friendly and docile. Very similar to the Orpington in terms of personality but more 'bomb proof' There are many varieties and all of them make an extremely attractive bird. Calm,Friendly and docile, easy to handle and child-friendly, ideal backyard bird, a real pleasure to own. Equally happy foraging outside or in confinement.

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Golden Laced Wyandotte

Golden Laced Wyandotte Egg Color: brown Egg Size: large Egg Production: better Meat Production: better Heat Tolerance: better Cold Tolerance: better Disposition: better Weeks to Maturity: 20

Wyandottes are a favorite amongst backyard flock owners for their dependable egg laying, easygoing nature, hardiness, and the great variety of beautiful feather patterns available. Silver Penciled, Golden Laced, Blue, Columbian and White Wyandottes are all rather rare.

Rooster and hens

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Pink Frizzle Hen CHICKEN photo by Robin K. Laughlin 1984 Postcard Rare 4x6

Pink frizzle hen

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Easter chicks? Not if you want eggs, says owner of trio the Frizzle sisters

Polish Frizzle chickens - I love these, but evidently not best egg layers, but had "designer" chickens before that lay great eggs, and loved it

Ohh pretty hens-BLR Wyandotte - Foley's Waterfowl & Poultry-lots of great chicken breeding info