Farm animal love

Try not to smile at this.



How sweet!

funny animals

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Unlikely animal friendships


Ramonita, Ahhh.. this adorable baby would love to cuddle! Hope you have enjoyed your week♥ 11/22/15

Lamb Smile

Ha! see! Raising chickens with goats, dan said if we get a goat he cant live with the chickens! he needs his own home.

"This little lamb is melting my heart" I did not say that before, but for who ever did this is a baby goat! Not a lamb haha

Somethings have no explanation.

Country Living ~ While rare, a "bucket of goat" is still an acceptable unit of measurement in certain townships.



Goat Tote

"Seriously, it's 7:00 A.M. and we haven't had breakfast yet?"