words to live by


A Mother's Prayer

Chores can wait. Laundry can wait. Dishes can wait. I will never get the time back with my children. I want them to remember I played with them not that I was always busy. --- A Hard Lesson learned too late for me :( He's all grown up now, and the tables have turned... just like that damn Harry Chapin song "The Cat's in the Cradle". Play with them NOW!

Live ittttt

Teach Kids to Pray

words to live by

A good way to live

My children will always know they were loved by their father and I because we have and always will be there and will never give up on them...this will always be their home because we've never given up on them


Four things you can never recover . . .

something to remember.... they simply grow up faster then I ever imagined! My baby boy is 12, and my oldest is 15.... I treasure every sweet moment I get! <3

I Love You!


In the words of Dr. Suess...this is 'truer than true'. My son knows as long as I live...I am here. ~Becky