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    • Kimberli Gray

      Teacup pig napping with her piggy

    • Laura Cooper

      Piggie on piggie I can't stand it. I really want a pet pig

    • Amber West

      Sweet piggies. I love pink baby pigs!

    • Mary Sedivy

      Warm & Fuzzy Baby Animals: Piglet snuggling toy piggie.

    • Emily Chandler

      Piggies!! I'm getting a mini pig asap!!

    • Vanessa Applegate

      Little pig needs his stuffed pig to sleep with. Reminds me of a child and their baby doll go sleep with. How sweet. Piglets are so smart. I feel guilty if I eat bacon.

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    I WANT. such a beautiful little piggy with a beautiful story, my heart just broke and healed itself up again instantaneously

    FARMHOUSE – ANIMALS – black piggies! I cannot get over how cute pigs are!

    A baby pig would be such a fun pet!

    Pigs look you in the eye,they are clean and intelligent, I wasn't a great pig farmer- they were too cute!

    Pig: Little adorable thing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Piggies! (KO) Hey guys, isn't that our farmer coming this way? And he's bringing our breakfast? Charge!

    And this is precisely why I don't eat pork. Re-pinned from Forever Friends Fine Stationery & Favors

    The road to happiness does not end with a ring on your finger. Glass slippers are tucked within the hearts of strong and amazing women who have romanced themselves with adventures of hope and assurance. I believe that where there is hope, there is love. For the brokenhearted, there is healing. For the lonely, there is comfort. For the weary, there is rest. For the anguished, there is peace.

    I want a pet piglet. That never grows! I nearly got one, but my dad put a halt to that once he found out how much pop bellied pigs were when I was 8ish... super cute!