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    • Megan

      animals, sea life, marine life, octopus, Blue-ringed octopus

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      Blue Ringed Octopus. Visit Facebook: "Animals are Awesome". Animals, Wildlife, Pictures, Photography, Beautiful, Cute.

    • My Info

      bluering octopus

    • Nat Harman

      Blue Ring Octopus: Beautiful, but deadly. This golf ball size Octopus can inject a deadly neurotoxin and stop your heart in minutes. There is no known antidote and survival requires constant heart compression and assisted breathing until the toxin is out of the body...about 24 hours.

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    Starfish walking back to the water | Flagler Beach

    Conus mazei - Deshayes 1874 - Maze's Cone - Distribution: W. Florida USA - Mexico, Brazil. Short very slightly concave spire with very fine nodulose spire whorls; sides with growth lines and about 6 very fine spiral striae; spaced spiral rows of brown dots above the whorl shoulders aligned with one another; body whorl is almost convex at the top, then slightly convex and tapering sharply to a sharp point;

    Yellow Puffer Fish

    Hirtomurex teramachii

    Endangered pink freshwater dolphins from the Amazon. So amazing.

    Arothron meleagris, commonly known as the Guinea Fowl Puffer or Golden Puffer, is a Puffer fish from the Indo-Pacific, and Eastern Pacific. It is occasionally harvested for the aquarium trade. It reaches 50 cm in length. Also found in a golden form.

    Tiny octopus in a clam shell

    Those glowing blue blobs are actually deep sea creatures called Glowing Firefly Squids, and they are some of the most beautiful of earth's marine life.

    Star Fish: "Slow-moving creatures who frequent reef environments and occasionally feast on endangered corals, starfish are often washed up on beaches where their brilliant hues quickly fade."

    A green sea turtle hovering over a reef is cleaned by a school of fish in Kailua-Kona, Hawaii.

    The Siamese fighting fish

    Pyjama Squid by Mike Bartick

    hello friend

    Hammerhead Shark

    Harpa Major

    turkey wing

    Indo-Pacific sailfish

    Underwater View of Sockeye Salmon in Adams River by Lee Rentz, British Columbia, Canada

    vintage sea shell...

    lypeaster Partschii van op het web by Marc (alias willy whopper) on Flickr (via Exquisite sea biscuit (Clypeaster) fossil, possibly … | Fossils!)

    amazing school of fish.

    A Mandarinfish by ryfrncs

    Siratus alabaster - Paul Starosta