day by day

it's true. you can't.

Nothing else in the world matters..I love you so much and I have the best time with you just doing nothing as long that you're by my side your love JJ

oh so true!

CS Lewis

c.s. lewis

C.S. Lewis

THE C.S. Lewis, a Christian

You are never too old to set another goal or to dream a new dream. (C. S. Lewis)

So true..

So true

'I am the designer of my own catastrophy' Neon Sign | #neonsignsandsayings #neonsigns - Neon Lights — Luces de Neón

We need to move forward and focus on the future. Don't get caught up in mistakes of the past.


so very true....

so true


So so true :)


Even though I've pinned this 5 times, it's such a good quote.

bahahah so freaking true