Tattoos Polynesian for Men on Arm & Shoulder representing three of the most known models from the Ancient Traditional Marquesas Tattoo as a Turtle, a Ray Manta and a Dolphin

Phoenix - by xnoxdeax (deviantart)

Phoenix Tattoo on deviantART Ya know, all my tattoos are color. Maybe this one should be black/white? I like the delicate nature of this phoenix. Hmmmm...

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bird tribal tattoo by dirtfinger.deviantart.com on @deviantART

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Phoenix tattoos are the best tattoo designs .these tattoos are most commonly used for men and women,pheonix tattoos are famous because of their simplicity and its long life. The phoenix stands for resurrection and therefore the phoenix tattoo is very popular.Pheonix is a unique bird having life of six centuries after which it burns itself. The phoenix gets back to life after meeting its end.

Dribbble - Firebird by James Word - via http://bit.ly/epinner

Tribal phoenix tattoo - if I ever got a tattoo I like the idea of a small, simple phoenix.

phoenix and peacock sleeves

I really really love this one... The phoenix symbolizes eternity and rebirth, and the lotus flower represents perfection and overcoming every difficulty.

(What if the image was flipped and the tail was actually flames from a dragon going downwards?)

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