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Steampunk Volkswagen Beetle Car - Forget Ferrari and Lamborghini, this is the car you need (if you don’t mind some cold breeze here and there)

Mosaic Car duas coisas que amo......... fusca e mosaico...............

Eyes of the time keepers. A small group of people with the power to manipulate time. Once these people used there powers as they pleased, but at the cost of the near destruction of time itself. Now they keep to themselves as a secret order dedicated to repairing time and preventing others from making the mistakes they did.

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Steampunk Vespa Piaggio Scooter Modded By Greek Artist Is Eye Candy

Such a cute steampunk scooter:) Could probably buy a working one with ugly paint,buff the paint off and spray it with copper and silver paint. Fit it with bulky bolt toppers for a funky look.

from Style Estate

50 Ultra Trendy Designer Shoes For 2014

Modern Cinderella is it that a pair of shoes can make a person drool...literally! Christian Louboutin Impera Pumps