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Reading strategies explained for parents

Reading strategies explained for parents.pass these out at parent teacher conferences.

Reading Ideas to Help Parents

I like the during/after reading columns for a double-sided bookmark, or the whole piece could go to to parents at back to school night.


(I've been doing a version of this during GR.would be great to have this as a laminated version for students to use in their book boxes and/or at the GR table).revise for end of day reflection.

Teacher Tech Talk » Blog Archive » Thick and Thin Questions (infographic)

Thick & Thin questions: great strategy for teaching students that have difficulty with answering questions! I find these thin an thick questions valuable for my grade 2 class. It helps students really think deeply about a topic.

Reading Responses - Non-Fiction

Reading Responses – Non-Fiction

Why Read 20 Minutes A day? This should go home to every parent at the beginning of the year, but I'd highlight the test score part more!

Why Read 20 Minutes A day? I am sending this home with all parents on Back to School Night. I will also send it home to parents who don't attend Back to School Night.

word work ideas

50 ways to practice spelling words - may not agree with all, but many worthy ones on this list. Would be great word work practice