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Close up high resolution photographs of various animal eyes. How beautiful and interesting the fine intricate structure and variety! Can you guess the animal without looking at the answer? Can you sense its nature, whether it is predator or prey? Did you ever wonder why a cats eyes glow in the dark?

Eye of a Husky dog: Most dogs, like this husky, are actually not completely color blind, but only lack the ability to see green. This results in a partial color blindness, which is compensated for by their incredible senses of hearing and smell.

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Close up macro photographs of tiny jumping spiders turn them into ferocious monsters

Close-ups of animal eyes are freaky! The cow's eye will blow your mind.

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Extreme Close-Up Photos of Animal Eyes

Long-eared owl Armenian photographer Suren Manvelyan is documenting the remarkable diversity and beauty of animal eyes in an ongoing macro photography series. The series is posted on his Behance po...

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Conserving Africa's Wildlife Through Photography


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Macro Photos Capture the Amazing Depth and Details of Animals' Eyes

Animal Eyes, Up Close

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Animal Eyes, Up Close and Personal (Slideshow)

Animal Eyes Close Up | Animal Eyes, Up Close and Personal (Slideshow) : TreeHugger