Takashi Aoki


BLUE HUNDERTWASSER handmade knitted coat for by annalesnikova

Red Thread Journal Dress made by Ruth Rae

Fabulous site ~ designer Daniela Gregis Kumamoto http://www.rakuten.co.jp/ac1753/ select shop...... the balance is just right!

Freeform ;-)

mina perhonen ~ Others Styles

Fornasetti inspiration worked on Aida cloth...traditionally cross stitch is worked on this cloth...like the horizontal stitch used...gives a very different texture to the piece


Alison Woodhouse


missoni. crochet

Stephanie Cristofaro

WIND (by Ariane Sroka)

Redesigned wrap. Subtracting the awful carpeting on the shoulder, I'd love to make a futuristic-looking jacket like this. Need to find a leather jacket I don't mind hacking....

Knitting fashion in rainbow colors 1970s, yes it was colourful and yes there was a lot of knitted clothes around. Dress


ENGLISH Statement Bow Poncho and Fingerless Gloves Knitting Pattern PDF