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How to Tie Amish Knots

by Elizabeth Ireland
Tying Amish knots is a fairly simple crafting technique that results in beautiful and useful rag rugs. The Amish knot rug, also called a toothbrush rug, uses castoff sheets, clothing, curtains -- any type of fabric that can be torn into long strips. An over-and-under weaving technique known as the A...
  • Shelly Alder

    braided rug using scrap fabric

  • Carol Bush

    DIY Outdoor Rug

  • Carolyn Fugate

    Directions for Braided Wool Rugs

  • Jenny Boone

    The making of old fashioned rag rugs dates back centuries as scraps and remnants of fabrics were made useful by braiding the strips together and then spiraling the braid into a rug. While there are a variety of braided rugs manufactured for purchase, you can carry on tradition by making your own rag rug by hand, whether you have excess amounts of...

  • Angie Longnecker

    Instructions to Make a Braided Round Rug

  • Lady Raggs

    How to Make a Rug Twining Loom thumbnail - This is a picture of a braided rug, but the link takes you to instructions on how to make a rug twining loom

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