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Multiplication Fact Tricks

5 Fun Ways to Teach Multiplication Facts

Discover 5 FUN math activities that teach multiplication facts. Sing multiplication songs, engage in math fact competitions, and play a variety of math games. Click here to get more details and grab some FREE multiplication games.

Presenting Multiplication Strategies with a few FREEBIES

It's imporant that students aren't just memorizing their multiplication facts, but are also learning important multiplication strategies such as arrays, repeated addition, equal grouping, and skip counting. So why not make it engaging with these ideas and activities that you can download for FREE!

Setting Up Guided Math- FREEBIE

Day by day instructions for introduction. Math Acronym makes 4 stations. Mandy's Tips for Teachers: Setting Up Guided Math- FREEBIE

Line Pairs, Angles, and Quadrilaterals

Using hand motions to help students learn different math vocabulary.