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Rewards for Kids: 5 Creative and Cost Effective Ways

Say goodbye to the treasure box and hello to these 5 creative, cheap, and fun rewards for kids! Students will love the coupons, certificates, Brag Tags, and more reward ideas that are positive and the daily dose of motivation they need at school.

Multi-Digit Whole Numbers- Show and Compare Warm Ups {Common Core}

This packet focuses on the 4th grade common core standard 4.NBT.2 which deals with writing, reading, and comparing numbers to the millionth place value using words, standard form, and expanded form. It could also be used for 3rd grade or 5th grade as well. Students are given two numbers written in words and must write the number in standard form, expanded form, and then compare the two numbers using the < or > signs. $

Follow my blog with Bloglovin For the last #langchat of October, participants decided to talk through the finer points of how to successfully collect and assess data in the world languages classroom in order to improve teaching and instruction. Participants talked about the types of data that they find the most helpful, as well how …

9 Researched Based Teaching Strategies for Your Toolbox

Teacher Evaluation Evidence Portfolio Binder EDITABLE Pink Chevron

Are you looking for a way to organize all of your evidence to put together in your Teacher Binder at a very low price? We all work very hard at what we do. Show off your talents and prove to your administrators that you are PROFICIENT or better yet, EXCEEDING the standards.

50 Student Rewards That Don't Cost a Thing

50 Student Rewards That Don't Cost a Thing-a great reference sheet for providing reinforcers for an individual, a group, or the whole class!

The 10 Skills Employers Most Want In 20-Something Employees

The 10 Skills Employers Most Want In 20-Something Employees. Students of Spanish: reflect on what you have done in your Spanish classes, study abroad, service learning, Mi Pueblo, etc. that can exemplify how you have all these traits--and in both English and Spanish!

Different teaching strategies. Strategies will vary depending on the material being taught, the student's interest, and the activity being instructed.

A Fun Art Project to Start a School Year

"My Favorite Things About School" - a great art project for the beginning of a school year