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  • Melinda McCarty

    Amour Amour, is a diamond collar, priced at $1.8 Million, and the most expensive dog collar ever designed. This collar maybe the best gift for that lucky dog who gets a chance to adorned by it. The Collar consists 52 carat diamond with 7 carat centerpiece diamond in a platinum and 18-karat white gold setting. Other parts are made of crocodile leather, one of the most suitable skins in the world.

  • Levys' Choice

    Amour Amour from i Love Dogs La Collection de Bijoux, is the most expensive dog collar at $1.8 million. Made with diamonds, crocodile leather and platinum. The collar includes 1600 hand-set diamonds with a seven-carat, D-IF, brilliant cut center diamond.

  • Anna Gaspar

    I Love Dog Diamonds' La Collection de Bijoux Amour Amour diamond dog collar features three tiers of diamonds in a chandelier design, 1,600 diamonds on the collar, and a $3,200,000 price tag. Clearly for those true dog lovers out there.

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