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Hahahaha so true!!

Even though I HATE this song, this is sadly so true. No control when Call Me Maybe comes on, maybe not always out loud. plus that's the chorus and we all know the chorus of songs.

He trusted you! LOL! Hunger Games AND Friends...perfect!  I prefer Peeta but this was funny.

The Hunger Games - He trusted Youuuu! My thoughts exactly! Team Gale all the way!

I did this when I realized I had a crush on one of my friends. It's weird...

Funny pictures about When you realize you have a crush. Oh, and cool pics about When you realize you have a crush. Also, When you realize you have a crush.

This is the most truthful thing I've read

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am i the only one?

Am I the only one?

basically howi feel whenever i watch the news and/or movie. save the dog! did he save the dog? Is the dog okay?


Completely random, mostly funny partial dump.

Totally me. I am incapable of doing the macarena without trying to sing it. pshh, why else would a 35 year old woman do the macarena?

LOL - My relationship with new music but I typically don't end up hating it. I just eventually outgrow the obsession.

Hey, this song is pretty cool! I must play it until I hate it =). - that's story of my life :-D

the stages of sleepiness #college #textbooks

Stages of Sleepiness. This is me all the time thanks to nursing school!

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And once I tried and I accidentally hit this guy on my swim team in the face. Then a couple days later he was trying to stand on it and it came back and hit me in the face.