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    If you don't have anything nice to say, come sit by me and we'll make fun of people together.

    True story

    42 Life Lessons from Mean Girls. best thing ever.

    For my girls (you know who you are!)

    Being a girl.

    So true...

    This would be me... on national television.

    me too girl, me too

    I'm not one for dressing up all the time but this is a cute quote. And would give a fun reason for dressing up more often.


    I don’t understand why people think I’m mean

    Come on over!

    Ghetto Mean 5 min of my life

    Nothing related to Halloween scares me. What scares me is when I flush someone elses toilet and the water keeps rising.

    LOL...this totally cracked me up...

    that's me

    And you have to decide if you're going to bust them or not

    I love how my thighs look when I sit down wearing shorts. -Said no one ever. cheap canada goose just need $169 . 75% save up