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    • Stephanie Kinney

      true story bro! Reason 20867430621736 why Harry Potter and The Hunger Games are better than Twilight.

    • Daniell Garlick

      I'm actually sick of people bitching. It was an enrertaining series. Is she a role model? No. But I'm also not a witch, wizard, vampire, or in a country where I need to "volunteer my sacrifice". I enjoyed all these movies.

    • DEvOn HAwKiNs

      You people, yes I do mean "YOU people," obviously didn't watch The Twilight Saga, or are quite simply, (deny it all u want but u KNOW its the technical term) HATERS; First of all: Bella DID do something: she had a "mutant" half-human/half-vampire baby and survived, among others. NO, Kristen Stewart is NOT the best actor, sorry girl, but maybe Steph Meyers wasn't TRYING to compare to The Hunger Games or Harry Potter. MAYBE she was making something to entertain Vampire and Ware-wolf enthusiasts.

    • Morgan Ashley

      Bahahaha! So true: Harry Potter and The Hunger Games for the win

    • Ireland Murray

      So true lol! That's some funny stuff

    • Hαrʟεƴ ℳαяїℯ :)

      Harry potter, katnis Everdean, and Bella swan. Lol:) they should make a movie were they come together.

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