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    A Wifes Prayer For Her Husband

    Prayer Of The Day – My Marriage Is Yours --- Dear Lord, My marriage is yours. I submit it to you. May you help me in my role as a wife, be a woman of virtue, of patience, and of love. I pray that my marriage relationship would reflect your great love, by the way we treat each other. I pray t… Read More Here #marriage #love

    I Love My Husband

    Why I Stopped Saying No To My Husband And Why You Should Too A few weeks ago I asked God what I should give up for the 40 day fast leading up to Easter. As I assumed it would be a food item or electronic, I was surprised … #marriage #marriageadvice #yes

    Praying for my husband


    On February 22nd, I, along with many others, committed to a 40-day fast. You can read the blog article explaining the beginning of the fast by clicking ~> HERE!

    With all that is comfortable, assumed, predictable, and known between a husband and a wife, we often overlook six simple words we so easily offer to others. Prayer aligns us together in marriage. Try asking your husband these very important six words.

    a parents prayer

    Thirty-One Prayers For My Husband: Seeing God Move In His Heart – Unveiled Wife Online Book Store

    A Prayer for Your Husband When He's Stressed

    Prayer Of The Day – Protecting My Marriage --- Dear Lord, Thank you for my marriage. I am so blessed to have my husband. Regardless of the conflict we face, the trials and challenges…marriage is a blessing. I pray protection over my marriage. I ask that you would protect us from our flesh and se… Read More Here #marriage #love

    Prayer for Healing, thank you for praying for me and others who are suffering from Chronic Pain Illnesses.

    Here's a prayer that you can pray for your family. God is capable of restoring any relationship.

    Prayer for wisdom

    What to say to your husband when marriage is hard.

    A husband can love his wife best when he loves God first

    The Knot Prayer I love this.....there are so many things throughout our lifetime that can happen to us, that can make us feel unworthy and not good enough...and this can lead us to a very dark and lonely place. But truth is....we ARE good enough....everyone's just finding that strength and belief in yourself to see and feel it.

    The Unveiled Wife: Embracing Intimacy with God and Your Husband by Jen – Unveiled Wife Online Book Store

    A prayer for your husband at work