A Wifes Prayer For Her Husband

Prayer Of The Day – My Marriage Is Yours --- Dear Lord, My marriage is yours. I submit it to you. May you help me in my role as a wife, be a woman of virtue, of patience, and of love. I pray that my marriage relationship would reflect your great love, by the way we treat each other. I pray t… Read More Here http://unveiledwife.com/prayer-of-the-day-my-marriage-is-yours/ #marriage #love

I Love My Husband

Praying for my husband


a parents prayer

Prayer Of The Day – Protecting My Marriage --- Dear Lord, Thank you for my marriage. I am so blessed to have my husband. Regardless of the conflict we face, the trials and challenges…marriage is a blessing. I pray protection over my marriage. I ask that you would protect us from our flesh and se… Read More Here http://unveiledwife.com/prayer-day-protecting-my-marriage/ #marriage #love

Prayer Of The Day – My Husband’s Heart --- Dear Lord, I pray for my husband today. May you fill his heart with joy as you remind him of your love for him. Reveal to him his value and purpose. I pray that you would build up [...]… Read More Here http://unveiledwife.com/prayer-of-the-day-my-husbands-heart/ #marriage #love


Here's a prayer that you can pray for your family. God is capable of restoring any relationship.

The Knot Prayer I love this.....there are so many things throughout our lifetime that can happen to us, that can make us feel unworthy and not good enough...and this can lead us to a very dark and lonely place. But truth is....we ARE good enough....everyone is...it's just finding that strength and belief in yourself to see and feel it.

A prayer for your husband at work

The 15-second kissing challenge...future reference

7 Ways to Pray for Your Husband. Starting tomorrow, Monday June 3rd. And then again and again. Thank you Rachel.


A Prayer for Your Husband When He's Stressed

Give your husband/boyfriend the gift of prayer. need to pray more, in general, for the people around me


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10 Prayers for My Husband. 10 specific ways to pray for your husband. New blog post. #marriage #prayer #faith

Praying for Your Husband the Right Way