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Good limoncello really needs at least a month for the lemon peel to sit in the alcohol and then another week for the lemon infused vodka to rest with the simple syrup. Please Please Please use organic lemons since you're using the skin. Do you really want pesticide filled limoncello? Homemade Limoncello Printer friendly recipe 10 lemon...

Lemoncello Cream

Limoncello, the real recipe - use grain alcohol, not vodka as some recipes call for. Sharpen your peeler before peeling the lemons to avoid pith easily. Use organic lemons, if possible, since you are consuming the peel, which is where the pesticides are. Finally, juice the peeled lemons and freeze in ice cube trays for future needs for fresh lemon juice. Delicious and refreshing drink.

Crema de Limoncello. Be still my heart. This looks amazing!

Blood Orangecello - a delicious and addictive blood orange version of limoncello | @deliciouseveryd

Awesome hostess gift this time of year! Homemade limoncello from Confessions of a Foodie.

Limoncello, Italian Alcoholic Dessert Drink. Plan ahead if you want to make it, this tasty beverage has a prep time of 30 days.

Hot Buttered Rum Mix Recipe from Taste of Home -- shared by Carol Beyerl of East Wenatchee, Washington

How to Make Authentic Italian Limoncello. I think this is the best Limoncello recipe. Great for Christmas presents!

Painkiller – one of the most popular drinks in the Caribbean with dark rum, pineapple juice, cream of coconut, orange juice, and nutmeg. @ Delicious Recipes


starting my limoncello today....

Limoncello - Just might be a staple this summer

Next spring will be the grand opening of Bunny Run Winery with our first batch of peach wine. The peaches were delicious this year just not enough of them. @Lauren Graves How to make peach wine...homemade peach wine recipe.



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