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Please contact us to be added to our waiting list for our next Havanese litter planned for Spring 2016.

Available Puppies

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Dgill de la Vallée du Rêve - owned by Mylène Mirkes - Apricot Havanese (black pigment)

Colors / Colours in Havanese - Havaneser Farben - info chocolate brown colour color - schokolade Farbe Havaneser

Trevor and Shannon's, Desi (Registered name Desi Lou Productions aka Desi Arnaz) made the list of 12 top dog names we love- article from TheNest.com LOVE THIS LITTLE GUY!!!

12 Nestie Pooch Names We Love

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Difference Between Havanese and Coton de Tulear | Havanese vs ...

The Havanese may look cuddly, but this petite dog can be one heck of a watchdog. Known for being protective and alert, the Havanese will re.

As devilish as havanese can be, I still want a million of em

I agree with this 100 percent: As smart and clownish as havanese can be, I still want a million of em

cuteness. havanese breed puppy

Desktop wallpapers Sad Havanese dog - photos in high quality and resolution

Although there are a number of arguments on whether the original Havanese have been all white or of various colors, modern day Havanese are acceptable in all coat colors and patterns.

But do not create him off as just a lapdog; the Havanese is trainable and surprisingly energetic, and has excelled in dog sports and canine careers ranging from circus performer to assisting the handicapped.