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'Oh yeah, I'll totally be able to stay awake til 10 on Friday night!' ......said no teacher ever.

For teachers, the month of August, is just one long Sunday night.

teachers....Lisa Phillips-Barton Phillips-Barton Phillips-Barton Phillips-Barton Love ....this made me think of you!

Funny Halloween Ecard: 'I'm so happy Halloween falls on a Wednesday this year!' said no teacher ever.

Wait... what day is it?, said the teacher on summer vacation.

Teacher's Happy Hour: The hour following dismissal on the last day of school!

Of course I would never think this but thought it might be funny for others...... You believe me, right?? Right?!

Teacher Confession: Parent-Teacher Conferences explain a lot.

How to completely waste your time in PD sessions - The Cornerstone...I know some teachers who should read this so they can annoy me less.

Funny Family Ecard: Summer: the time of year when parents realize just how grossly underpaid teachers actually are.

Animate your ecards with the free Animate Me app. Make photos talk and move to the sound you apply - Convert this card into a animated joke! www.animatemeapp....

Ah summer... the time when teachers become human again.