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  • Bette Blaze

    Antique Old Door Knob on vintage wooden door.... Love it... everything from the door to the colors and detail on the back plate... one of my favorite!!! Photograph - Joanne Coyle

  • レ-チャル インガラ

    “Antique door knobs have become such a huge decorator’s find that there are now plenty of places you can find cheaper knockoffs,” Pennington says. ” … Changing them out only requires a screwdriver. I recently saw someone use eight glass doorknobs above a window from which she hung a tab-topped drapery panel. Very cool.”

  • Nicole Lacroix

    Love the rustic door handle

  • Jessica Moutoux

    I've always had a thing for antique door handles.

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I want to get antique door knobs and plates like this and put a bunch in my entry way!!!

Antique door knobs. Clearly I want the eccentric & eclectic to carry to the tiny details throughout the house, like light switch panels & door knobs. Details details details.

Photography - New Orleans Haunted Blue Door 8x10 Fine Art Photograph - Affordable home decor - deep blue photo

Beautiful vintage violet colored glass door knob.

Antique door knobs by Cpt. Obvious, via Flickr - loooooove these!

`.Door Knob Music Box. 'This door knob music box is unusual but very beautiful. If you turn the door knob it plays "La Vie En Rose".'

metal - brass Would be great to get a mold imprint to remake on medallions or whatever.

It's in the details! I love old door (Vintage) knobs and the details. Beautiful!! You can also use these as Towel Holders and line different ones up along a short small wall in your bathroom or even in your Kitchen. This would be a great conversation piece too.. Beautifu!!

Ornate door knob inside the Mackie Building (former Chamber of Commerce Building) in Milwaukee ~ photo by Mark Ludwig,