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And on the eighth day, God said, "Let there be the Hemsworth brothers."

And God said "Let there be the Hemsworth brothers" Amen.<-----funniest hemsworth bros quote yet.

you got a fast car / I got a ticket to anywhere / maybe we could make a deal / maybe together we could get somewhere.

Kristin - 18 Years - The Hunger Games are a huge part of my Life - Sam Claflin is my hero - Finnick Odair - Josh Hutcherson is the cutest boy ever - Catching fire

Mmmm girl how u doin? Dam those eyes, i can get lost in those pools all day and i be okay with it oh gosh ;)

Liam Hemsworth graces the March cover of GQ Style Australia looking every bit the dreamboat. The actor – and boyfriend of Miley Cyrus – talks about missing his family, surfing, and his co-star Jennifer Lawrence in The Hunger Games.

Bradley Cooper #ToplessTuesday

Topless Tuesday

Bradley Cooper, yum you may do my laundry. on that washboard stomach of yours ;

Mark Salling..this pic was my phone background for a while but then i thought what if i meet him? this would be awkward..so i changed it to Matt Damon..because if i met him i would just die instantly..and then at that point it won't matter whats on the background of my phone..the important thing would be that i met Matt Damon..the love of my life

mark salling - puck on glee. I seriously have a thing for hott bad boys!

He doesn't even have to speak or sing. He can just sit there and look all pretty and I'm totally OK with that. :)

I see this man and the lyrics from Maroon song "One More Night" start in my head. "Baby/There you go again/There you go again/Making me love you." This man is beautiful!

Because I needed another reason to be madly in love with RG (quoted from whoever wrote this before...so true) #thenotebook

Emma Stone & Ryan Gosling, by Robert Ascroft (Crazy, Stupid, Love photoshoot)

Can we just take a moment and admire these ridiculously attractive men? Liam and Chris Hemsworth.

God bless their parents. (I think this is like the third "God bless the Hemsworth brothers parents" type pin I have pinned, and I'm not sorry)

Chris Hemsworth

Who's Your Celebrity Boyfriend?

I got: Chris Hemsworth! Who's Your Celebrity Boyfriend?<<< Why is it every time I take these things i end up with Thor?

Hey Hemsworth brothers, dont be shocked if a man in a red suit kidnap you...you were on my Christmas list ;)

Chris Hemsworth and Liam Hemsworth photos: We could stare into those four blues eyes forever. (I only like Liam Hemsworth)

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