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Disney-Mulan. Curated by Suburban Fandom, NYC Tri-State Fan Events:

So. Many. Feels. Disney Princesses as characters from the Song of Ice and Fire series...

Disney Princess Designer Collection-Mulan

Mulan and Mulan by Angelasews, via Flickr


That awkward moment when you're out and think you see your friend but it turns out to be somebody you don't know.

:D love this movie :-) @Brittany Horton Horton Hendrickson remember when our VHS tape broke and lost the sound on this part? Total waste.

Let's just appreciate Mulan's pure awesomeness for a moment

This scene kinda reminds me of myself because when I want to remember something I sometimes write it on my arm

Madame Mulan by LibertineM.devian... on deviantART - The lineart's from a colouring page, but I love the colour job! Inspired by Gustav Klimt's artwork

Mulan. more funny pics on facebook:

Mulan é o meu filme preferido da Disney, pois mostra que as mulheres podem fazer tudo aquilo que os homens fazem. Além disso, a Mulan consegue ficar em meio de tantos homens e ainda sim se impor e ser respeitada e quebra com o esteriótipo de que as mocinhas precisam ser salvas pelos mocinhos. Lembra-me minha infância.