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  • Teagardins in Hollywood

    Ear piercing diagram 2.....and I really want half of these piercings :-D #piercing #tonguering #beauty #bodymodification #anatometal #bodyjewelry #plugs #tunnels #eartunnels #bodycandy Santa Monica 310-855-9168.

  • Mackensie Weeks

    I wish I had one like that - Great Tattoo Ideas and Pictures Enjoy!

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Guide to ear piercings. I'm pretty sure I want an industrial.

all the different ear piercing locations and names. Its nice, but they forgot the orbital. This one actually "orbits" your ear. It goes through two seperate openings; quite an amazing piercing & conversation starter. I had it myself & the piercing is still open, just can't fit the hoop through any longer. :(

piercings (never knew the names of all these, lol!) (and just to be clear most hygienists don't like oral or lip or facial piercings)

I used to have a Tragus and a Rook - didn't know it was called a rook at the time, though ;)

SO pretty @Emilie Claeys Claeys Logan you need that lotus one! OUR INNER HIPPY | TheyAllHateUs

love it and the DIAMONDS yes I have 5 in both ears so far and all diamond studs and I LOVE it, now I want more ♥

ear piercing | Tumblr I want this, think it would really hurt.