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paris 1900

The Statue of Liberty Construction in Paris, 1880s

SCOTLAND Outer Hebrides transport

KoN-FoRo :: Fotos destacadas

KoN-FoRo :: Fotos destacadas

This hilarious sign outside a Fringe show. | 23 Things That Could Only Ever Happen In Edinburgh

Edinburgh, Scotland travel poster Scottish terrier Scotty dog Scottie

Street (the Cowgate) in Old Edinburgh, 1868

This hi-visibilty kilt. | 23 Things That Could Only Ever Happen In Edinburgh

1877: A group of men pose on one of the cables on the Brooklyn Bridge mid-construction. 5,000 strands of steel wire make up the massive cables of the bridge. It took 14 years to complete construction.

Golden Gate Bridge opening day on May 27th 1937

Colorful Urban Architectural Photographs by Matthias Heiderich

In the Spotlight

James Delaney

Petrified Forest by Ville Lenkkeri

Watching TV For The First Time

Ashbee Design: Wooden Bike Chain

Aerial London Photography by Jason Hawkes

National Library Beijing


Aeriel view of Tower of London Poppies

colorized historic photo 3-30


Latin America in Construction: Architecture 1955 1980, MoMA 2015. Eladio Dieste en la obra de la iglesia de Atlántida. Foto: Marcelo Sasson