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~~Maroon-breasted Crowned Pigeon from New Guinea

Silverback Gorilla - wouldn't you just die? I mean your heart would explode coming face to face with one of these! OH MY GOSH!

Shoebill also known as Whalehead or Shoe-billed Stork, is a very large stork-like bird. It derives its name from its massive shoe-shaped bill. It lives in eastern Africa. It is so strange looking! It looks like a Muppet! It can grow to almost 5 FEET tall!

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The initiation of cancer is now being recognized to have a major life- style component, even the National Cancer Society has recognized that greater than 60% of all cancers are life-style related. Since the mind is the interface between our perceptions and our biology, our consciousness is the primary mediating factor in precipitating a cancer. -Bruce H. Lipton

I absolutely LOVE this dog!!! What kind of breed is it?

Donkey face! ( Please don't troll - this is the description provided with the picture when I repinned it. So if it's wrong, please do not tell me, I don't even pay attention to the description half time. I repin because I am looking at and liking the picture, not the description. Thanks )

@:!καʏℓα ƨтʏℓɛƨ • ^_^~~! "I'm in love with an ostrich. All the neighbors complain but you see. But she loves me. Ooo. Can't help it if they don't understand." hahaha

Disapproving Ostriches (it is actually titled "Still Checking", by wildlife artist Dominique Salm)

I was attempting to avoid the pain of working long hours, even though working long hours was an inevitable consequence of my choice. I was also unwittingly seeking to increase Mac’s authority over me. I was #GivingHimMyPower, my freedom. I was saying in effect, “Take charge of me. You be the boss!” Whenever we seek to avoid the responsibility for our own behavior, we do so by attempting to give that responsibility to some other individual or organization or entity. --M. Scott Peck