Paper towel holder + binder rings + page covers = a great way to display crafting supplies

A paper towel holder with page protectors attached by binder many, show off art work by the kids, pictures. I have a spare stainless steel paper towel holder and book project!

From Plaid Crafts: "Craft Tip of the Day: To use glitter without causing a mess, put glitter in salt shakers to use on projects."

glitter in salt shakers. how smart is that? I have taken all of my glitter and placed each of them into clear glass salt and pepper shakers. I've placed all of the shakers onto a lovely silver platter.

Organization Hang up necklaces

I used an old (white) towel rack (to save money), and bought some brushed nickel shower hooks, and hung it in my closet. LOVE IT! Necklace Holder: towel rack and shower hooks.

Color clothes pins by soaking in food coloring. In each jar or container, pour boiling water, a tablespoon of vinegar and food coloring drops and mix well.  You can use any combination of drops to make varying colors and shades.  I used both traditional food colors and the neon food colors to make about a dozen different colors.  Add your clothespins and let them soak for at least an hour.

Rit dyed clothes pins -- This is such an easy way to color them! Great idea for adding a punch of color to clothes pins on clip-it behavior charts.

Maybe I'll repurpose my big 'ol amoire and take it with me when I move to the condo afterall!

Awesome idea for an old tv armoire that can be turned into Craft Central! And, it can all closed up when not in use.priceless idea : ) Now I just need an old TV armoire

Sub Binder I HATE trying to write down where everything is.... THIS is MUCH easier! (THIS. IS. SO. SMART!)

Sub Binder photo tour of the classroom. Must try this next year instead of trying to describe where everything is!

Dollar Store facial cleansers for individual dry erase marker board erasers!

Dollar Store facial cleansers for individual dry erase marker board erasers! I've always thought about this, but today I got some heart shaped facial clothes to use on my dry erase boards!