• Amy Carreno

    "My eighth grade students are working on self-portraits. They are doing phenomenal work! I have a great group of students this semester. It’s so fun to watch their individual styles begin to emerge." ~ teen program ideas

  • Liz Cryan

    8th Self Portrait Paintings

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I think this draws attention because of the intensity of the hand. The amount of words written on it entice you to read them all. I think it's clever how the words on the fingers are rings.

The Art Curator for Kids - Photograph Analysis Learning Activities and Printable Worksheet - Analyze Historic Photographs with Kids

Art Room 104: Art 7: George Segal Inspired Hand Casts

This is a FREE handout on Illuminated letters from the Incredible Art website. Scroll down once you are on the site.

klimt--would be good for a mural, or group project : un ou 2 carré(s) par élève, ça peut le faire !

Dandelions - Claude Monet - oil on cardboard. Beautiful. I'd like to incorporate this into my website some time.

Circle doodles on an old 70's London A-Z. One of many everyday doodle experiments featured on my blog, 'A roll of tape and a biro'.

art-critique-words by Andrew Collins via Slideshare...

One Crayola Short: Bravo Board Trophies, art trophies,made by spray painting art objects

Watercolor Techniques: Click for Free Download!

George Segal Inpsired Hand Casts // Typography Sculpture Lesson - interesting twist on our hand sculpture - integrating 2-D design work on 3-D surface

George Segal Inpsired Hand Casts // Typography Sculpture Lesson - interesting twist on our hand sculpture - integrating 2-D design work on 3-D surface

A menagerie of mechanical animals by Diego Mazzeo

Watercolour Dragon by Baby-Blue-Bell.de... on @deviantART

There's a Dragon in my Art Room: The Roofing Felt Art post - at last!... The technique that had inspired me was referred to as 'soap resist'. A drawing is done on the roofing felt with a chunk of soap. It's not really a resist process, because you don't paint over the soap; you paint BETWEEN it. The painting is done with acrylic paints. When the painting is done and dry, you rinse it off in the sink, thus removing the soap and leaving the black lines.

How to Draw Dragons ... this always looks easier then it is.. but maybe one day ill actually sit down and try it

Where The Mountain Meets The Moon Educator Guide

Classroom Sign

DIY - how to weave a basket using newspaper! It's so simple to roll paper tubes out of newspaper and then weave the tubes into a basket. - See more at: www.home-dzine.co...

project, family portrait!!!!

Steampunk Robot Ceramic Mask. $48.00, via Etsy.

Alicia Jaynes York--- ‎Art Teachers--- Facebook---- Haven't made geometric forms with my students in many years, but with some grades making trimester digital portfolios, I feel this is a good balance for those without 1:1 tech.

architects printed with cardboard and bottle caps dipped in black tempera paint, and added color with chalk

Education to the Core: Quick Survey/Reflection poster with a FREEBIE!

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