a stunning black tiger ~ animaldiscovery-chanel

Two of the rarest creatures on earth. The black lion and the black tiger.

Random Pictures Of The Day - 62 Pics (however, I do know for a fact that the black lion at the top was photoshopped, and the black tiger might have been. I'm 99% sure all the other pics are real, though.)

golden tabby tiger. less than 30 estimated to be alive right now.

White and black tiger

Black Lion.. Absolutely stunning.

Image of a close up of a black tigers face

An Albino tiger, Black & White, Golden and Bengal tiger

White #tiger | Thierry Warichet \ Flickr Beautiful Beast, Haunting Eyes



love between species is a treasured gift from nature!

✯ Beautiful Tiger Photo - with Reflection

Black panther.

Asian Leopard Cat

Maltese "blue" tiger (this isn't photoshopped) Beautiful!! gotta check this out to see if real....

Magical Nature Tour - White tiger

Blue Tiger - Maltese Tiger

Liger mom and kid (by Andrey Chemyh)