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Should've done this today, lol... cuz of coooourse the ex has to text me today, considering it's valentine's day :P

it wasnt that funny at the top, it was just a little freaky, but by the time i got to the bottom, I was laughing so hard I was going to die from oxygen deprevation.

Theresa and cheyan, if you see this we should totally put this picture in the kitchen next year!

Ah, the glories of the English Language.

I actually peed a little when I read this

My Fav is the smiling white poodle @ the birthday's it, I'm putting party hats on my dogs for their birthdays!

Everybody knows s**t happens...#Religion #humor (very nice!)

One of the many reasons I very rarely, if ever, tan. It just looks ugly. Tannarexic-ew!