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Looper (2012) is a new movie written and directed by Rian Johnson (Brick) and stars JGL and Bruce Willis and I am beyond excited for this

The new Bilbo poster for The Hobbit echoes the original one for Frodo from the first LOTR series.

Much Ado About Nothing (I) (2012) Full HD Movie Download

TFIOS official movie poster,, counting down the days!!!!! June 6th cannot come soon enough!!!!!!!!!!!!

I REFUSE TO EVER SEE THIS MOVIE because my drivers ed teacher's (worst person ever) daughter did the costumes on this movie. and. i. will. not. give. this. movie. my. money.

  • Dahlia Bryant

    You all should just mind your own business. Opinions are opinions,and you can go see the movie if you want and let others make their own decisions.

  • pini cinelli

    I really can't understand why everyone is attacking 'compassionate vegan' just because she said her opinion. And she is single existence no matter if human or animal should be in danger for our entertainment. No matter what happens on farms,if we keep animals than we are responsible for their security.if there were lacks of security for the animals then that was a mistake of the people on the set.i think we all should be aware that compassionate vegan was just telling her point of view.she wasn't really attacking anyone she simply informed others about what happened while filming this movie.if U go and watch it,that's fine but allow people to tell their opinion without judging them.@compassionate vegan: thank U so much for ur words "i feel all life has a right to be here without exploiting them".ur opinion means a lot.stay the way you for my english.i am from Germany :)

  • Dahlia Bryant

    @Pini Cinelli: That is exactly what I am trying to say! She stated her opinion, and that is HER choice. It is nothing that concerns anyone else, so don't worry about it!

  • compassionate vegan

    Thank you Pini, and you're English is perfect~ Thank you Dahlia~

  • Puri McWilliams

    Just borrow it from somebody so u don't spend any $$$.

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Olympics 2012! Where can I buy this print!?!? I adore it! Could be fun for the family room!

even les miserables. hate it when people rant about les mis when they saw the movie, omgosh seriously though, there's so much more to it when you read the book

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Pretty in Pink, 1986 (dir. Howard Deutch). #movie #1980s #movie--A great teenage movie which I just saw for a second time. Will appeal to many teens, and adults too.