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No one will suspect you have a sock in your hair! A scrunchie can easily take the place of the sock

One of my favorite ways to curl my hair. Put the sock bun in when your hair is damp (before going to bed) and when you wake up in the morning, you'll have perfect soft curls without doing any of the damage styling does. It's awesome.

How to Use a Sock to Get Beautiful Curly Hair Without Heat

If you've never experienced the majesty and wonder of a sock bun, try it. Try it now. It is magical.

Don't have a clue what all this says... 哇!这是一款气质优雅花样花苞头!适合晚… but think the hair style is cute.

Hair donuts have been my best hair discovery lately (especially rewarding since Im growing my hair for the first time in years) thanks to my friend Vikki. Check out this link which explains all :)

A much easier sock bun for people with layered hair. My hair is layered, maybe I can finally perfect it now! Without an all morning struggle!!

Jenna Hogan's life implodes at the beginning of RANDOM ACTS OF KINDNESS. "She made an awkward little jump that loosed a lock of blonde hair from whatever kept it off her neck. Pale, thin, and somewhat rumpled, she had the tense look of a dancer afraid she’d just missed her cue."

Hair Romance - 30 Buns in 30 Days - Day 11 - The Donut Bun and Braid Hairstyle