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Outdoor Spaces - A suspended swing over a lake is a beautiful spot to relax.

A empresa tenda de suspensão produziu uma barraca suspensa significada para aqueles que não querer acampar, mas será certamente glamp (acampar charmosa). Chamado o roomoon, é uma tenda portátil, em forma de esfera que paira entre as árvores. Isto não é a primeira vez que admiramos a este tipo de estrutura; semelhante a Tentsile, significa que você pode dormir alto acima do chão e mais perto das estrelas.

The Hanging Tent Company has produced a suspended tent meant for those that might not want to camp, but will certainly glamp (glamourous camping). Called the roomoon, it’s a sphere-shaped, portable tent that hangs among the trees. This isn’t the first tim

better than a hammock.

Heck yeah I need a huge cushioned swing/hammock for my back porch! I want to take a nap!

Water fun

*is stranded in the middle of nowhere wrapped in the watermat* "man.I'm so glad I had this" *shark sees human wrapped in watermat* "*gasp* a blue burrito!

.love this!

pretty office lovely space All I want to do this mother's day is sleep all day in this cozy nook ;) Design Inspiration Monday by Dream Book .

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Single Hanging Tent

The Fall Tent Event Is On! Price Slashed For a Limited Time THE SINGLE HANGING TENT - All Colors Pictured Above This single sized hanging tent is a pretty popular inside or out – just perfect you as a

Swimming Pool on the roof....ok.

Shaw House / Patkau Architects A pool ceiling. That's fucking awesome.

floating canopy bed- um im totally there

Beautiful Outdoor Canopy Beds I used to dream of living on the beach in a little tiki hut . this will do .