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Staples does oversized prints called "engineer prints." The largest size is 3' x 4'. Guess what - they only cost $4.99!!

Bold Split-Photo Wall Decor

Print pictures on old book pages

How to make your pictures into huge wall art for pennies!

Oversize artwork for less than $10. Head to your local office supply store that has an in-house print shop (i.e. Staples) and ask for a black and white engineering blueprint. Its just a matte piece of (huge) paper with ink, but the print quality is great because it has to print tiny details for architects.

Best Emergency Notebook I've seen with printables so you can make your own for your family! The military teaches you how to do this. It's called "my life in a box" for emergencies.

Staples will do engineer prints of a photo for $8. Glue on foam board and youre ready to go! My sister did this... hanging over her fireplace super cute" data-componentType="MODAL_PIN

Fun photo idea- to make your own print out & put vinyl lettering or stencil letters on.

Take an old picture frame, choose a fun fabric for the background, frame a small picture (they used greeting cards in this one), and attach to the fabric.

creative ways to remember birthdays rather than having to remember to look at a calendar

Cute idea- use a post and have different signs to hang for different times of year/parties/birthdays/etc

I guess we better go on a vacation so that I can get some more professional pictures taken of our family and then I will be able to create this adorable canvas collage. Nathaniel won

"engineer prints" at Staples for $4.99.

I'd love my kids to make me one...with them in it!!! Awesome!!

Styrofoam squares covered with scrapbook paper..super cheap and pretty!

Have you heard about the engineer prints from Staples? Oh.My.Goodness. They have completely changed our life for the better. Just wait, you’ll feel the same way. Take your favorite picture into Staples and ask for an oversized print (they come in multiple sizes, but the largest is 3’ by 4’. They’ll make a copy right there for you, and the best part…..it costs less than $5 for a print! You’re only able to get the picture in black and white, but who cares?! It’s 5 bucks! The  tricky thing is t...

Vintage Window Pane Picture Frame - wedding photos, rustic glamorous, vintage, country elegance, shabby chic

I can't believe how simple this sounds, Heck of alot cheaper than getting them made:) DIY canvas photos... super easy!

blow up a vacation picture into poster sized print, cut into thirds and frame it across three frames. Love this idea.

Cute idea. Wish I would've done this when the boys were small. At 6'2" & 6'4" I doubt there's a stool big enough for their now size 13 feet. Where was Pinterest 20 yrs. ago?