Dyeing with Bleach - 52 Weeks Project

#DIY bleach printing on fabrics

DIY: double dip dyed napkin set

you could probably make this with a bleach pen and a tshirt:)

Dyeing with Bleach - Fun and simple. (Tip: Don't forget to use Bleach Stop or you'll get holes in your fabric after a while!)

Love - MUST try!

try with bleach pen

tie dye

DIY Shibori dye tutorial. Love the geometrics patterns.

upstate tilden top

DIY shibori dye

Hey Wanderer: diy: bleach stamp pad

Dying with Bleach

arteascuola: Leaves printed with bleach

How to dye fabric with flowers: http://blog.freepeople.com/2013/01/eco-dyeing-flowers-part-1/

STEPS | Printed Towels

bleach stamping-so much I could do with this idea... dip plastic 'lace' in bleach and just lay out on paper, fabric, etc?

Easy Hand Painted Linen Kitchen Towels & Napkins~

Easy Bleach Batik Technique

steps for perfect corners for towels or linen napkins (yeah right like I'm gonna do this) but it's a neat idea for someone that actually sews.