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not jumping on that thing lol

Castle Island, Dublin

Trolltunga, Norway

Northern Lights, Norway

Fern Forest, Jamaica

Heaven's Gate Mountain, China

The Norway Sky Bridge

Cat Mountain in Ukraine.

Trolltunga, Norway

Not just any bridge, "A Bridge in Paris" is exactly as it sounds, a trampoline-based structure that lets you hop over the water.


mountain climbing

Kjeragbolten, Norway

Where two oceans meet but do not mix. Gulf of Alaska. I wanna see this

Aurora Borealis - Norway!

Igloo rentals in Finland under the Northern Lights (!!!!!!)

I love rock climbing walls, I hope I can transfer that to the real thing...

Aurora Night, Northern Norway ,where you can truly see......

The “South Heavenly Gate” which has 3 planks that you can balance on while holding on to a big chain that will keep you close to the cliff walls so you don’t fall. Located in the Yellow Mountains of Huangshan, China.

Innerdal tower, Omsdal, Norway