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Explore Wayne Hixon, Devil Town, and more!

Vampires in Devil Town (Vampires in Devil Town Book One) by Wayne Hixon,

The Last Good Man by Kathleen Eagle,

Copper to Red (The Dillwyns Stories) by Ceri Bladen,

Offside (The Barker Triplets) by Juliana Stone,

The Plantation (Book 1) by Stella Samiotou Fitzsimons,

Bewitching You by Viola Estrella,

Through the Fire (First Responders Book #1) by Shawn Grady,

Harbinger in the Mist (Arms of Serendipity) by Anabell Martin,

The Legend of Lady MacLaoch by Becky Banks,

Devil in the Making (Devilish Vignettes) by Victoria Vane,

Slipping by Shandy L. Kurth,

On Little Wings by Regina Sirois,

Vampire University (Book One in the Vampire University Series) by VJ Erickson,

Forbidden Touch by K. S. Haigwood,

SPARKLE-A Tale of the Devil by Billie Sue Mosiman,