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I was told once that this would be a great pickup line. But this is only something you say to a Hunger Games lover. And even then, if they have a soul, it will only break their little fangirl heart.

Cinna - Hunger Games Movie Posters. Loved the books. Looking forward to the movie adaptation!

Cinna, the best stylist in all realities

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If we burn, you burn with us. This scene is going to ROCK. #Mockingjay

Like, I love him. Favorite character, hands down.

I'm convinced Cinna knew Katniss was meant to the Mockingjay from the moment she Prim's place!!!!

Cinna Hunger Poster Movie Poster

I need this. More than anybody. @Southern Allen, @Hannah Muse, @Hannah Horton, @Taylor Hudgin, @Coral Ellerd can affirm this. Right guys? (;

I need to talk my mom into a Hunger Games birthday party..... This shall be the cake!