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    Rudolph Fischer (1852 - 1941) was a White captive of the Comanche tribe for decades. Abducted at age 13 by a Comanche war party near Fredericksburg,Texas he was adopted into the Comanche tribe. Like some others caught in this situation, Rudolph accepted the Indian lifestyle so completely that he refused to leave it when given the chance. He took two Comanche wives and went with the tribe to its new slice of Oklahoma, where "he was fruitful and multiplied."

    Two of the 5 Marlow brothers, Charles on the left and George on right ... the saga of the Marlow Brothers is a complex and very involved story. It's so involved that several books have been written about the incident, which happened in and around Graham, Texas in 1888 to 1891. The movie "The Sons of Katie Elder" (starring John Wayne) was based on the events of this story. 10 innocent people died needlessly in this tragic story.

    Cynthia Ann Parker - captured at age 9 by the Comanches, she lived with them for 24 years, completely forgetting her European ways. She married a Comanche chief with whom she had 3 children, including the last free Comanche chief Quanah Parker. Rescued at age 34 by Texas Rangers, she spent the remaining 10 years of her life refusing to adjust to white society and attempting many times to escape and return to her Comanche family. Heartbroken, she stopped eating and died of influenza in 1870.

    The story of Olive Oatman. Her family was murdered with the exception of a brother that was left for dead at the wagon and a sister who was kidnapped along with Olive by the Indians. Olive was sold to another tribe and it is they who tattooed her chin and arms. Her sister died at ten years old, but Olive was rescued when word of a white girl reached an army outpost. Her freedom bought with blankets and other trade items.

    You are viewing a rare image of a Whale Ceremonial - Clayoquot. It was taken in 1910 by Edward S. Curtis. The image shows Nootka indian taking ceremonial bath, before whale hunt. We have created this collection of images primarily to serve as an easy to access educational tool. Contact mailto:curator@ol....

    Catherine "Kate" German, who was taken captive with her sisters, Sophia, Julia, and Adelaide, by Cheyenne Indians after their family (mother, father, 3 siblings) were killed in Kansas in 1874. Only the four youngest, Sophia, Catherine, Julia, and Adelaide, were spared and taken captive. The two youngest, Julia and Adelaide, age 7 and 5, were subsequently abandoned on the prairie in what is now the Texas panhandle. Sophia and Catherine were kept by their Cheyenne captors until rescued in 1875.

    Portrait of Istvan Reiner, taken shortly before he was killed in Auschwitz. Istvan arrived at Auschwitz with his mother, Livia, and her mother. Other inmates convinced Livia to give the boy to his grandmother and go through selection alone. She was chosen for forced labor and survived the war. Istvan and his grandmother were gassed.

    One Who Fears Nothing - Comanche - circa 1890

    Billy Dixon ... a legendary long shot by buffalo hunter Billy Dixon, in which a Comanche brave was knocked from his horse at a distance of around 1/4 mile, was enough to cause Quanah Parker and several hundred braves in his war party to lose heart and return to their reservation in Oklahoma. Thus ended the battle of Adobe Walls, Texas.

    KIOWA DUTCH ... white captive known as Boin-edal (Big Blond) by the Kiowa. Little is known about this unfortunate white captive, other than he was 8 yrs old when taken captive in 1835, the year the Kiowa Indians raided all the way to the Texas Gulf Coast. Both parents, only having arrived from Germany 3 years prior were killed. Boin-edal remained with the Kiowa all his life, unknown to the whites until a blond white man was discovered living among the tribe when placed on the Kiowa reservation.

    White Girl found with the Gros Ventre Indians, hand resting on top of chair, dressed in Indian garb, full length portrait. Believed to be held captive 1880-1890.

    A Comanche Indian, 1891.

    Indian Warrior: Comanche Jack Permamsu, brother of Yapaituka Comanche band chief Tahpony and nephew of Comanche leader Ten Bears. This photo was taken in the 1890's during the time Permamsu served as a member of the Indian Police for the Kiowa-Comanche-Apache reservation in Indian Territory (in what would later become Oklahoma).

    Comanche Women, 1892.

    Comanche ration bag - example of peyote beadwork

    Comanche Indians in Texas, Photograph, ca. 1900

    Comanche Indians Of Texas | Comanche Jack Watchymamsookwat, Indian Warrior] : The Portal to Texas ...

    Photo of what is appears to be a young Comanche and his Horse. Does anyone know the name of this young man or the photographer?

    Tribes Cherokee Indians

    Lisha-Lalahikots (Brave Chief) with peace medal and headdress. Part of Caddoan and Pawnee Tribes

    Students, Carlisle Indian School by DickinsonLibrary, via Flickr Pinned by indus® in honor of the indigenous people of North America who have influenced our indigenous medicine and spirituality by virtue of their being a member of a tribe from the Western Region through the Plains including the beginning of time until tomorrow.