thank you, bed.


Do not let this bottle of wine serve as an inspiration to call your ex in a pathetic attempt to get back together. Some very fine grapes have died in the making of this wine. Show some respect.

#travelquote "I need a six month vacation twice a year"

Dear sleep...

I do love to sleep.

Baby it's cold outside

story of my life

So. True.

Oh so true

Ain't it the truth

Hahahaha so true

The Single Life


All of us at craft night, @Melissa Davison, @Talaya, @Courtney Ingels, @Nichole Miller, @Le'Ann Stephens, @Stephanie Elrod

Omg for sure!!

point taken Mr Draper....point taken.


You and I are more than friends. We're like a really small gang. #bff #bestie #friendship #bestfriends