I'm not the biggest fan of tinker bell but this is too funny

Disney Princess fans should check out this set of Disney Princess Magazine Covers - they are quite clever!

Disney princesses

Disney Princesses


Because of Disney "We don't judge a book by its cover." FROM: http://media-cache-ak0.pinimg.com/originals/10/b8/b5/10b8b5e4ef05788884a75bb686f992e0.jpg

Day 13: Favorite Outfit - Belle's dress from Beauty and the Beast. Only not in yellow, and with Elsa's cape.

Belle Portrait.

The Evolution of Female Stereotypes through the Disney Princesses

Disney Princess Rings<--love these!

Princess Rapunzel Magazine Cover


the disney princess

What If Disney Princesses Were Magazine Cover Models? #humor #funny #jokes #lol #hilarious

Beauty and the Beast

Prince Charming Magazine Cover

Glamorous Fashion - Belle

Modern Disney Princesses

hardest disney quiz ever!! 11/25